Stage 8: Long-Term Treatments

Stage 8: Long-Term Treatments

Longer-term treatments are intended to address the fundamental causes of fiscal distress. Consequently, it is important to conduct a thorough diagnosis before selecting the appropriate long-term treatments. The skill of the diagnostician is essential. Although two governments may share the same basic cause of financial distress, the best treatment may be different for each.

Be aware that long-term treatments are not intended to produce big results in the short-term. If you need immediate help, consider fiscal first aid instead.

This section of the site presents long-term treatments from two perspectives:

  • The first lists potential treatments according to major treatment topics. This section provides an overview of the major treatments most governments will need to consider.
  • The second parallels Stage 6: Detailed Diagnosis. It lists the same causes, and describes potential treatments for each cause.

Throughout, references are often provided to magazine articles, GFOA Best Practices, or other more detailed resources on a given treatment. If you need more information on how to gain commitment to any type of long-term financial strategy please consult this article (provided courtesy of Public Sector Digest).


Treatments by Cause of Distress

This part of the site lists the long-term treatments for fiscal distress by the major causes of fiscal distress that were presented in Stage 6: Detailed Diagnosis. Access the treatments by the categories from the detailed diagnosis:

Causes of Distress Internal External
Political Category 1 Category 3
Economic/Technical Category 2 Category 4


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