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We know that our members face many challenges including staff capacity, budgets, and time. As a result, current projects don’t progress or sometimes even get started.

GFOA is happy to share with you a free opportunity through Thriving Earth Exchange, a program of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) that connects communities with volunteer scientists and other technical experts who can help you explore priorities related to resilience, sustainability, water and air quality, and much more. For example, is your community in need of:

  • Scientific Support for Existing Projects?
  • Scientific Evidence and Data to Obtain a Grant?
  • Resilience Study?
  • Flood Mitigation?
  • Climate Impact Study & Mitigation Advisory Support?
  • Water Quality Audit?
  • Air Quality Study?
  • Implementation & Impact Recommendations?
  • Other?

Thriving Earth Exchange will work with your government to provide the scientific support you need to move your existing project forward or put a new project idea into motion.

Read more about current projects here.

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This is a valuable opportunity for your government that we hope you will seriously consider!

Updates and Helpful Links:

  • The application deadline for the October 2023 cohort is September 7, 2023.
  • Questions? Reach out to Blake McGhghy at AGU’s Thriving Earth.

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