Tim Skillman

Assistant Division Chief, Financial Office

Tim Skillman has financial leadership as an Investment Broker, Bank Manager, Chief Financial Officer, School Board Member, and State of California Assistant Chief. For the State of California, he served as the Assistant Chief of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) Health Plan Administration Division overseeing the financial operations for the State Health Plans and Long-Term Care Program, the CalPERS Actuarial Office overseeing California’s Pension Actuarial Valuation Process, and a Co-Director of the Pension Actuarial Valuation System redesign. Tim is currently the Assistant Division Chief of the CalPERS Financial Office specializing in Fiduciary and Cyber risk management. Tim serves on the Association of California State Supervisors Board of Directors, the California State Employees Association Benefits Committee, and the Government Finance Officers Association Committee on Retirement Benefits and Administration, and Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Committee.