UFF Spotlight: Shoshana Aguilar

Shoshana is senior management analyst for the City of Carlsbad, California.

Photo of Shoshana Aguilar.

What current or upcoming projects or initiatives are you most excited about? 

My biggest finance-related project right now is updating water and sewer rates. As part of that effort, I’m working with my team on exploring some new initiatives. While I am not sure if it will happen, I am looking into showing pass-through charges from our water wholesaler on customer bills for greater transparency. 

We are also researching the local demand and potential funding sources for low-income rate relief. This project is still at the staff level, where we are gathering background information. At the same time, I am monitoring the legislation moving through Washington, DC, on a federally funded and permanent water ratepayer relief program. 

Who is the person that has influenced you the most in your life? 

I’ll have to say two people: my mom, for giving me stability, self-confidence, and a great education, and, my husband, whose constant love and support lets me really dig in at work in a career I find rewarding. 

What is your favorite personal motto or quote? 

Success is not caused by spontaneous combustion; you must light yourself on fire. -Arnold H. Glasow