Vivian Shields

Chief Financial Officer

Vivian L. Shields has a tenure of 18 years with Virginia529/ABLEnow and welcomed her newest role as Chief Financial Officer from Controller in April 2019.  She is responsible for the financial operations, accounting and financial reporting for the largest college savings plan in the country.  Prior to joining Virginia529, Ms. Shields served on the Senior Management Team at the Virginia Department of the Treasury overseeing operations and controls relating to the Commonwealth's major cash concentration and disbursement accounts, issued check services, and demand deposit accounting and other automated reconciliation systems. She began her career in Finance and Accounting with the Virginia Department of Education.  Ms. Shields graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1990 with her Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Accounting.  She is affiliated with the Institute of Limited Partnerships (ILPA), Governmental Finance Officers of America (GFOA) and Virginia Women in Public Finance. She is also a member of the Association of Governmental Accountants.