White House Releases Partial Budget Request for FY2022

On April 9, the White House unveiled its initial $1.5 trillion budget request. Called the “skinny” budget, the proposal lays out some of President Biden’s priorities but leaves out additional details of the recently proposed infrastructure and jobs plans. Those details are expected in the coming weeks. However, the budget numbers released seek to increase overall spending on discretionary programs by $118 billion. Defense spending would remain essentially flat but other domestic programs could see a nearly sixteen percent boost. Some highlights of the proposal include $102.8 billion for education spending and $8.7 billion for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is ultimately up to Congress to set exact spending levels and programs. With Democrats controlling both chambers, the request should be received favorably. But that does not necessarily guarantee a win for the President given the narrow margin in the Senate. GFOA will continue to monitor and report additional details as they come out.