Retrieve Results Document

1. Go to If you are not already logged in to the AMS, you will need to enter the government’s username and password. (See Quick Facts below for login information.) You should see something similar to the screen below.

2. Click on the “Entity” folder to open it.

3. Click on the “[State]” folder to open it.

4. Click on your government’s folder to open it.

5. Click on the “PAFR” folder.

6. Click on the folder with the fiscal year end of the PAFR for which you want to retrieve the results.

7. Click on the “Customer Package” folder.

If the review has been completed, you should now see all of the result document associated with the review (including the result letter, the composite scores and comments, and the certificate, if the government received one). These documents can be downloaded by selecting them, right-clicking, and selecting “Download” from the drop-down menu.