Matches for the 2024–2025 WPFN Mentorship Program were announced in June 2024. The application cycle will open again in Spring 2025.

GFOA's Women's Public Finance Network's (WPFN) Mentorship Program seeks to strengthen and build our network of finance professionals by connecting WPFN members so that they can gain skills and confidence needed to excel in the public finance industry. Mentors are encouraged to work with mentees to determine what kind of support will be most helpful–specific feedback about career advice, finding jobs, technical advice, personal development, and work/life balance. Mentees are encouraged to seek professional career guidance from mentors. Applications to serve as a mentor or mentee are now open through March 31. Apply now.

Watch a video overview of the Women's Public Finance Network Mentorship Program here.

Below are some experiences shared from 20222023 program participants:

“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with and learning from the mentor that I was paired with. She was very kind, caring, and knowledgeable. I especially liked that she was a fellow finance professional in my state, which enabled us to compare information and notes on topics of mutual interest. I also thoroughly enjoyed meeting with the mentee that I was paired with. It was great to share experiences, expertise, and advice in a way that could benefit another. I plan to keep in touch with both my mentor and mentee– they have both been wonderful new connections for me.”

-Theresa Wilson, deputy finance director, Commerce City, Colorado, mentee and mentor

“Having a mentor this past year has been incredibly beneficial for me, both for my personal and professional growth. My mentor provides guidance and support, shares their knowledge and experience, offers feedback and constructive criticism, and helps me to develop skills and strategies to achieve my goals. I believe having the right mentor can help individuals navigate challenges and accelerate learning and development in ways that may not be possible without that much needed support.”

-Kristin Bumford, finance coordinator, Buckeye Elementary School District, Arizona, mentee

The Mentorship program is supported by the WPFN Mentorship Committee members. The committee provides support via email outreach, sharing resources, surveys, and including articles in WPFN’s monthly Newsletter. We continue to grow the program and would value having you join us! Please consider signing up to be a mentee or mentor before March 31, 2024.