Eric Schaffer

Counsel, Stonecipher Law Firm

Eric Schaffer spent more than 40 years at a major international firm before stepping back in 2021 to spend more time on academic research and writing and working as an expert witness.  He is of counsel at the Stonecipher Law Firm, where he serves select clients in matters involving insolvency and distress.

Eric’s practice has involved a wide range of restructuring and insolvency matters.  He has represented chapter 11 debtors, creditors’ committees, and other major creditors in major bankruptcy cases, federal and state receiverships, non-judicial restructurings, and litigation involving defaulted securities.  Eric has represented trustees and fiscal agents for municipal debt issuers across the country in connection with restructurings, receiverships, bankruptcies, and litigation (including lender liability actions) involving governmental units (such as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, City of Harrisburg, and County of Jefferson, Alabama), hospitals, airlines, real estate, gaming, hospitality, nursing homes and public housing, schools, waste disposal, and fitness, research, and cultural facilities. Similarly, he has represented trustees for corporate debt securities in matters involving investment banking (Lehman Brothers), energy and mining, airlines, mortgage banking, shipping, real estate, communications and publishing, and heavy industry.

Eric has been a featured panelist at meetings of the American Bankers Association and the American Bar Association, among others, and he has been a guest lecturer and presenter at several universities. Outside the law, Eric has been involved actively with several civic and cultural organizations. He is an aging cyclist, who claims to have ridden with the winners of 8 Tours de France.