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Award for Best Practices in Community College Budgeting

GFOA is a leader in developing, communicating, and encouraging best practice implementation in budgeting and financial planning. GFOA's most recent project is to enhance the existing Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for community colleges and school districts. The Best Practices in Community College Budgeting were created as a result of this project with the help of some of the best minds in the field. These best practices advocate for resource alignment to student outcomes, as well as criteria by which colleges can demonstrate budget process excellence. GFOA developed corresponding award criteria for the Best Practices in Community College Budgeting that allow for community colleges to demonstrate process excellence and receive the recognition they deserve.

Submitting an Application


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How to Submit an Application

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We recognize that COVID-19 is disrupting normal government operations and may affect members’ ability to submit timely applications for GFOA’s award programs. We will approve extensions of the submission deadlines for those that need more time.


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Applications will be reviewed by a GFOA staff member and two other judges (the “Judges”). The Judges will be drawn from one of the following four categories:

  • Employees of a community college that have background and responsibilities relevant to community college budgeting and/or management of academics.
  • Private consultants who work with community colleges on matters relevant to community college budgeting.
  • Academics who study higher education budgeting and finance.
  • Retirees from one of the preceding categories.

Applicant Interview. The Judge(s) will schedule a time with the Applicant to review any questions the Judges may have about the Applicant’s Award Application. The Applicant Interview will take place over the phone and will typically last about an hour. The Judges will provide the Applicant with a list of general questions they plan to ask ahead of the call, although the Judges also may ask other questions as well. Judges may adjust their scores based on clarifications received during the Applicant Interview.


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