COA Program - Request An Extension

The deadline for submitting an application to the Certificate Program is six months after the government’s fiscal year end. Occasionally, circumstances arise that prevent a government from submitting by this deadline. In those cases, a government may apply for an extension so that their application may be submitted at a later date. Extensions are usually granted in 30-day increments.

Request an extension to the Certificate Program:

  1. Go to If you are not already logged in to the AMS, you will need to enter the government’s username and password to login. (See Quick Facts below for login information.)
  2. Select “Start Process” in the blue band at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on the green “Start” button to the right of “COA Extension Request”. Complete the form.
  4. Ignore the field that asks for the Budget Adoption Date. (When applying for an extension to the Certificate Program, this field can be left blank.)
  5. Click “Submit”.

GFOA staff will review the request, and within several days, an email will be sent to the person submitting the request indicating whether or not the extension has been granted. If the extension has been granted, a revised due date will be included in the email. This email will be sent from

Quick Facts

  • When logging in, the username will be the government’s GFOA member number. If you do not remember the password, please see FAQs for instructions for resetting the password.
  • If a government is unable to complete the application by the revised due date after having received an extension, a subsequent extension may be applied for, though subsequent extension requests may be subject to a more stringent review by GFOA staff. In most circumstances, a government may not submit an application more than six months after the original deadline. Because of the strain COVID-19 has placed on governments, we are currently make some exceptions to that rule.
  • In most circumstances, a government may not apply for an extension two years in a row for the same reason (though they may apply for an extension two years in a row if the reason for the extension in the second year is different than the reason in the first year).

Please use a browser other than Internet Explorer when working in the AMS.