GFOA launched the Awards Management System (AMS) to streamline the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (COA) program. SRC reviewers will now receive and complete review assignments in the AMS. Reviewers will access the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report document and the vote page in the AMS and will be able to update their profile and availability in the system as well. Reviewers will receive an email when you get a new assignment and it will contain a link to the assignment.

Below are some tips for getting started. Be sure to access the Resources noted below for more details on how to access your review assignments and complete reviews in the AMS.

Signing into AMS

Existing reviewers were sent an email with login credentials to access the AMS. If you are a current SRC reviewer and you did not receive this email, please contact GFOA. New reviewers will receive their login credentials in the email they receive following approval of their application is approved.

Completing a Review

When you are assigned a review, you will receive an email with a link to access Laserfiche Forms. You’ll be asked to either accept or reject the assignment. If you accept it, you will be taken to your Open Tasks list in your Inbox. Click on the task name to open review form. (Alternatively, you can go directly to and sign in with your log-on credentials to access your Open Tasks list.)

This will open the review form which contains 3 tabs as show below:

The Government Information tab will have details about the government and links to the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report and their responses to the prior year comments. The second tab has space for you to make comments about each section and apply a grade for each section. Section grading defaults to “proficient.” The final tab allows you to record your recommended final grade.

Extensions and Reassignments

The last tab in the review form also allows you to request a one-week extension or request that the review be reassigned. Mark the appropriate radio button to make this request.

Additional Resources: