GFOA is committed to promoting diversity within public finance to reflect the different communities that we serve as affirmed in GFOA’s Code of Ethics. We believe this information is important to monitor and reflect on for continuous learning and growth. As part of this commitment and to build trust with those we serve, we publicly share information about our member and staff demographics.

Overview and Methodology

To gather the information included below, we surveyed GFOA members as well as GFOA staff. All information collected was voluntarily provided, with both members and staff given the option to respond or not to respond to the questions.

The demographics questions and response options provided to both GFOA members and GFOA staff were purposefully phrased to be more inclusive. As such, they do not align one to one with the U.S. Census Bureau’s questions.

Member Demographics: GFOA asks demographics questions of our members through our quarterly surveys that are sent to those working in the public sector. Each quarter, GFOA sends the member survey to twenty-five percent of members, with the aim of capturing all GFOA members once over the course of a year. 

Staff Demographics: GFOA annually conducts a demographics survey of all staff and will report this information along with member demographics information.

Member Demographics*

*GFOA’s spring 2021 quarterly member survey was sent to 5,000 members and 235 responded between April 20, 2021 and May 4, 2021.

Staff Demographics*

*Staff demographics is a snapshot as of April 2021.