Senior Accountant

Department/Agency of position: 
City of Carlsbad
Location of position: 
Carlsbad, CA
$78,500.00 – $107,900.00 Annually
Date Posted: 
Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Closing Date: 
Friday, March 30, 2018
Job Description: 

The City of Carlsbad's Finance Department supports an organization of almost 700 diverse individuals and a city of over 113,000 residents achieve the City Council Strategic Policy Goals and Community Vision. To help the city achieve its goals, our Senior Accountant answers questions, offers advice, moderates discussions, provides training to staff, and serves as an advocate for the city's mission, vision, and values.

As a Senior Accountant, a typical day may include the following: Auditing a new system implementation to ensure revenue accounts have been set up correctly Reviewing staff reports and recommending ways to improve the fiscal analysis Resolving funding issues with the state Working on financial statements for the comprehensive annual financial report Preparing and assembling auditor requested items for a compliance audit Networking with other managers at the quarterly managers meeting Reviewing journal entries from your staff and providing feedback as necessary Chatting about a stretch assignment with your staff to help them advance their career Brainstorming ideas with other finance managers for an upcoming employee appreciation event Watching webinars on a new accounting standard Preparing for a staff presentation to Council Listening to an analyst's budget request and collaborating ways to strengthen the business case Assisting payroll with reconciling balancing issues Responding to emails Scheduling meetings with one of your service departments to help them with grant reporting

This job might be for you if:

You're a numbers nut. You love accounting for them, balancing them, analyzing them, forecasting them, visualizing them, and helping others understand them.

You communicate clearly. You're well-written and well spoken. You can explain just about anything to just about anyone.

You enjoy helping people. The world's a full of challenges and, as far as you're concerned, it's a little bit easier with help. Your patience and resourcefulness get them to a solution every time.

You enjoy solving problems. Complex issues allow your creativity to shine. You aren't bothered if you don't immediately know the answer because “True Grit” was the name of your autobiography.

You pay attention to the details. While you didn't coin the phrase ‘anything worth doing is worth doing right’, you wish you had. You're focused and nothing gets by you on your watch.

You think on your feet. To you learning is fun and learning quickly is more fun. When things change, chances are, you were a key contributor.

You take initiative. You take pride in being at the head of the volunteer line because you want to make a difference. You will make your time with us impactful.

We have:

Flexibility. You want to come in late to watch your kid get an award for being awesome? Flex time can make that possible.. Enjoy three day weekends? Optional 9/80 schedules provide every other Friday off. We understand the importance of flexibility and will work with you to balance life and a career in a way that benefits us both.

Support. You want to brush up your presentation skills? Done. You want to develop your leadership abilities and work on a stretch assignment? Done and done. We want to give you the tools to make you successful. Your success is our success.

Feedback. You want to know how you're doing? We'll tell you. You want to know how to knock it out of the park. We've got an opinion. We promise transparency so you can do you, best.

Fun. Enough said.

*Please be sure to review the Qualifications and Minimum Education and Experience requirements on the website.*