Finance Director

Department/Agency of position: 
City & Borough of Juneau Alaska Finance Department
Location of position: 
Juneau, AK
$114,000 – $135,000 Annual Salary (DOQ)
Date Posted: 
Monday, December 3, 2018
Closing Date: 
Tuesday, January 1, 2019
Job Description: 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Reporting to the City Manager, the Finance Director provides strategic and operational leadership for financial activities borough wide. Ensures the financial well-being of the city and directs Finance Department staff. Typical responsibilities include the following: Financial Management: · Plan, develop, organize, direct and evaluate the $350 million in annual financial activity. This includes overseeing the management and production of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and the Operating and Capital Budgets. · Provide technical financial advice and knowledge to all department heads, enterprise fund directors and the city assembly. · Fulfill the Fiduciary duties for the Deferred Compensation Plans (457 & 401A) at CBJ and BRH. · Collaborate with the HR Director on the financial aspects of the city’s insurance and employee benefit programs & contract negotiations. · Oversee the production of monthly financial reports that provide accurate and timely revenue, expense, cash flow data necessary for management and assembly decision making. · Oversees all budget policies, procedures, development, analyses and other financial reporting; ensuring compliant, timely and accurate fulfillment of local, state and federal financial and budgetary reporting requirements. · Provides effective reporting and communication strategies to engage, inform and educate staff and the public on the budget and the fiscal health of the CBJ. · Develop and maintain a financial forecast tool to assist in strategic planning, tracking trends and estimating the affects from changes in the economy. · Has the ability to be detail-oriented, while also able to see the big picture. Develop forecasts for the major revenues. Contract for professional expertise as needed to understand the economy and national financial trends. Work with HR director to understand the near term changes in cost for personnel services, benefits and insurance programs. Strong knowledge of current trends, issues and legislative matters, and is able to assess the current, pending, and future fiscal impacts on the organization. · Manage the general obligation and revenue bond debt program including the initial sale, refinancing and repayment activities. Evaluate and communicate CBJ’s capacity to take on new debt. Maintain good relationship with: bond counsel, AMBB financial advisors (as necessary) & credit rating agencies (as necessary). Organizational Management: · Supervision of the central accounting, payroll, treasury and purchasing functions. Includes development and maintenance of a system of internal controls for accurate tracking, reporting and safeguarding of financial activity and assets. · Supervision of the city’s property and sales tax programs which provide the city’s major sources of revenue. Understanding the relevant CBJ code provisions and operating procedures. · Prepare evaluations for direct reports and lead department staff professional development. · Works closely with both the City Manager and the Assembly to formulate, implement and monitor city-wide fiscal and administrative policies. At the beginning of the biennial (revisited annually) budget process provides an update on the current financial position of CBJ and develops budgetary guidance for the Assembly, City Manager, and the Leadership Team. Recommend a sustainable level of spending for the current budget cycle. · Identify and track issues requiring action by and education of assembly finance committee. Work with Committee Chair and City Clerk to establish annual meeting schedule. Develop draft meeting agendas for Chair review. · Assure the Managers annual operating and capital (led by Engineering) budgets are developed, reviewed and ready for introduction the first week of April. Lead the committee, public and staff through the 6 – 8 week budget review and approval process. Assure final budget ordinances prepared and formally adopted by Assembly prior to June 15. · Direct financial institution (banking, investments, deferred compensation) activities for the organization (including the school district and hospital). Ensures adequate cash flow to meet all organizational needs. Investment of cash ensuring appropriate custody and management of risk & return. · Assure the revenue billing and AR functions are operating timely and effectively. Monitor the level of delinquent receivables and collection enforcement programs. Strategic Management &Leadership: · Work as member of the Leadership team (comprised of all department directors) to be aware of: city operational issues, annual goal setting & strategic planning and current events · Participate on the Executive team (comprised of City Manager & Deputy, City Attorney & HR Director).