Contract and Procurement Manager IV

Department/Agency of position: 
City of Detroit Office of Finance
Location of position: 
Detroit, MI
$106,167 - $139,244
Date Posted: 
Thursday, April 11, 2019
Closing Date: 
Saturday, May 11, 2019
Job Description: 

The Contract & Procurement Manager IV is a managerial position that involves directing work within the Office of Contracting and Procurement through subordinate Managers and/or Supervisors. The Contract & Procurement Manager IV reports to the Deputy Chief Procurement Officer and is responsible for leading and managing the operations of the Procurement Management Division, which includes the following three units: 1.) Public Health and Safety, General Services, Human Resources, and Bridging Neighborhoods 2.) Fleet, Mobility, Transportation, Municipal Parking, and Public Works 3.) Housing and Revitalization, Planning and Development, Information Technology, and Detroit Building Authority Each unit is led by a Supervisor that reports to the Contract & Procurement Manager IV. The three Supervisors are supported by subordinates that include Contracting and Procurement Specialists and Procurement Assistants, all of whom perform professional and paraprofessional contracting and procurement work. As such, the Contract & Procurement Manager IV is accountable for the success of the Procurement Management Division, monitoring the progress of the Division towards organizational goals, and periodically evaluating and making appropriate adjustments.

Additional duties include: Decisions affecting the basic content and character of the operations directed Decisions on long-range planning Periodic and comprehensive evaluation of program goals and objectives Decisions on organization improvements Decisions which have an impact on relationships with other groups Decisions substantially affecting economy of operations Decisions involving key officials Decisions on work problems presented by subordinate Supervisors and Managers Collaborates with heads of other units to negotiate, decide on, and/or coordinate work-related changes affecting other units Advises officials with broader and higher responsibilities on problems involving the relationship of the work of the unit supervised to broader programs, and its impact on such programs Sets priorities and prepares schedules for completion of work Assigns work to subordinates based on priorities, selective consideration of the difficulty and the requirements of the assignments, and the capabilities of employees Evaluates Supervisors, Managers, and other subordinates Reviews evaluations made by Supervisors on other employees Makes selections for non-supervisory positions, recommending selections for Supervisors and Manager positions Hears group grievances and serious employee complaints, or ones not resolved at a lower level: reviewing serious disciplinary cases those proposing suspensions and removals, and disciplinary problems involving key employees Gives advice, counsels, or instructions to individual employees on both work and administrative matters; Interviews candidates for positions in unit; Makes recommendations for appointment, promotion, or reassignment involving such positions; Recommends minor disciplinary measures such as warnings and reprimands; As needed, consults with specialists on training needs, and deciding on training problems related to the units supervised; Identifies developmental and training needs of employees in consultation with leadership; Provides or makes provision for such development and training