Director & Assistant Treasurer

Department/Agency of position: 
SRP Salt River Project - Treasury Operations & Compliance
Location of position: 
Phoenix, AZ
$10K - $17K a month
Date Posted: 
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Closing Date: 
Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Job Description: 

The Director & Assistant Treasurer will manage the strategic and day-to-day activities of SRP’s Treasury Administration and Cash Management departments, including working capital investments, efforts to raise capital, daily operations, accounting, and compliance activities. Ensure SRP has an adequate cash flow to meet its current obligations and maximizes opportunities for returns on surplus funds. Develop strategies to enhance productivity and efficiency gains, protect company assets, and minimize costs.

•Oversee process to analyze and project cash flows, target account balances, and determine appropriate steps to increase or decrease investments accordingly. •Oversee daily cash management activities and short-term investments. •Responsible for the daily tasks of the group by aligning projects with business goals, managing employees, achieving milestones, and communicating with leadership. •Oversee analysis and selection of investments to achieve targeted cash positions in investment portfolio, including money market funds, government agency funds, corporate medium-term notes, CD/time deposits, commercial paper, and municipal bonds. •Ensure all investments are compliant with Board-approved Corporate Investment Policies. •Oversee SRP long-term debt program, including the process for issuing bonds and other borrowing activities to raise capital for SRP. •Ensure any issuance of new debt is governed by the guidelines set forth in the Master Bond Resolution and follows continuing disclosure regulations. •Oversee principal and interest payment and debt covenant compliance. •Oversee monthly journal vouchers to investments including premiums, discounts, and income. •Oversee the establishment and reconciliation processes for bank accounts, investments and other assigned accounts.