Finance Director

Department/Agency of position: 
Lincoln County Finance Department
Location of position: 
Newport, OR
$97,746 - $113, 508 annually
Date Posted: 
Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Closing Date: 
Sunday, September 1, 2019
Job Description: 

GENERAL POSITION SUMMARY: Directs the County's financial management including budget, purchasing, receiving, accounting and print shop/mail room activities. Directs the development and implementation of related policies and procedures. Responsible for the initial development of the County's annual budget and subsequent amendments of budgets during the fiscal year. Administers the daily operations of the Finance and Administration Office. Plan Administrator for Retirement System 401 K, Section 125 Flexible Spending Account, PERS, Section 457 Deferred Compensation and Post Employment Health Plan programs. Also fills the role of Finance Manager for the HHS Community Health Center (FQHC).

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS/MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: a) Manages the accounting activities. Maintains all County financial accounts and records. Oversees the processing of fiscal documents, check writing (for accounts payable and payroll) payment of bills, and the preparation, analysis, and publication of County financial statements and reports. Responsible for compliance with I.R.S. rules and regulations concerning payroll and benefits, annual reporting, arbitrage rules and regulations relative to Bonds and other state and federal rules and regulations. b) Manages and evaluates the performance of staff in the Finance and Payroll, Purchasing, Warehouse, Copy and Microfilm offices, as well as the finance and accounting and takes or recommends appropriate action. c) Establishes internal operating policies and procedures, accounting and budgetary policies and procedures for adoption by the County. d) Ensures the effective communication of accounting policies and procedures to staff in other County departments and works with officials in other County departments to ensure that accounting policies and procedures are implemented and adhered to. e) Advises the Board of County Commissioners on the administration of fiscal and management issues and projected changes in areas including implementing federal laws, workers compensation, interagency transfers and related benefits including retirement, and other organizational issues. f) Plan Administrator for Retired Plan (401K) and Deferred Compensation Plan (457). Insures Plan maintains tax deferred status. Insure compliance tests are met and that Plan stays in compliance with all tax changes by initiating appropriate action to comply with Federal laws. Provides direction to alternative retirement options/plans including Post Employment Health Plan and PERS. g) Directs the records management/control/retention needs of the County. h) Prepares and manages the budget by leading the planning, development and control activities. Prepares or analyzes revenue projections. Monitors the County's long range cash flow for planning purposes, and advises the County Commissioners on the status of the County budget. Develops a multi-year forecast for revenues and expenditures to allow for planning changes in the level of services to be provided. i) Provides budgetary analysis service to County departments. Evaluates budgetary performance of various departments. Develops guidelines for improvements in the budget development, planning and control processes. j) Directs the development and administration of the County's capital improvement plan, including financial analysis and restructuring of debt, bond issues, capital construction, self insurance, and lease/purchase agreements. k) Makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on requests for additional funding. Works with other County departments as appropriate on routine budget and financially related matters. l) Responsible for state and federal compliance audits and preparation of Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Conducts annual financial and performance audits of selected county agencies and/or departments and other jurisdictions as may be required. Ability to maintain the County’s CAFR certification. m) Provides financial analysis for labor negotiations and other financial transactions. n) Serves as the Finance Manager for the Community Health Centers (FQHC) in accordance with the role specified by the County’s FQHC grant. o) Works with non-County agencies and Boards to insure compliance with all Federal and State laws.

NON-ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Performs other duties as assigned. This document in no way implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position.

JOB SCOPE: Impacts all County departments through payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, general accounting and reporting, budgeting, auditing procedures and processes. Responsible for calculation and preparation of tax levy for operations and debt service; financial structuring and restructuring; financial forecasts affecting county financial situation; and, recommends courses of action to deal with all financial conditions. Operates from general policies, making decision within general policy constraints. Initiates and develops policies for Board approval on areas of finance, accounting, budgeting, pension compliance, benefits, Internal Revenue Service compliance, and records. Negotiates with outside vendors, attorneys, and financial representatives, obtaining Board approval as necessary. The consequences of errors significantly affects the County and County employees.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITY: Hires, trains, develops and appraises staff effectively. Takes corrective action, up to and including termination, as necessary, on a timely basis and in accordance with County Policy and/or Collective Bargaining agreements. Employees supervised work in the Finance and Administration department, consisting of Accounting, Purchasing, Microfilm, Print Shop and Warehouse, as well as employees working in finance and accounting positions within the County’s Health & Human Services Department. Responsible for job evaluations, job restructuring and organization to comply with financial limitations, and all other management duties. Supervises a staff of six, with additional supervisory responsibilities for three employees assigned to financial management in the HHS Department.

INTERPERSONAL CONTACTS: Closely works with both elected and appointed officials throughout the county; the public; retirement attorneys; insurance companies; newspapers; Federal, state and other auditors; employees of all departments on matters of salary, benefits, retirement and other financial issues on an ongoing basis. Works with non-County agencies on issues including but not limited to, funding; levying taxes; financial procedures. Negotiates with vendors, attorneys, auditors and others on behalf of the county. Contacts contain confidential/sensitive information necessitating discretion at all times. Contacts are made on own initiative, face to face.

SPECIFIC JOB SKILLS: Requires knowledge of accounting rules and procedures for governments, special districts, and not-for-profit agencies; auditing procedures; pension law and interpretations; state budget law and compliance; management principles and applications; contract and bid law and procedures personnel and labor law compliance and reporting issues; P.E.R.S. and deferred compensation; and, interrelationships between Federal, State, City, and County governmental agencies and not-for-profit agencies. Strong analytical and assessment skills. Strong verbal, written, interpersonal and negotiation skills. Ability to use accounting spread sheets and word processing. Ability to operate a computer, calculator and other office equipment and machinery. Experience on Automated Financial Systems Operations. Must be PC literate.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE/LICENSES/CERTIFICATES REQUIRED: Bachelor's degree in accounting or a related field. Seven to ten years administrative accounting experience in a public agency, preferably utilizing governmental and fund accounting, and/or in a public accounting firm servicing clients using governmental and fund accounting. Certified Public Accountant preferred.

JOB CONDITIONS: Operates under high stress situations for both quantity and quality of work, dealing in public forums, interagency meetings and negotiations. Job occasionally requires long working hours to meet deadlines.