FEMA Guidance Update: Restrictions on Purchase of PPE

Last week, the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) announced on a call that after September 15, funding for personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning materials, and additional supplies would no longer be provided unless “qualifying emergency work” requirements are met. 

Additionally, FEMA will begin limiting the amount of PPE that can be stockpiled for emergencies to a 60-day supply. One key change is the classification of PPE as “increased operating costs” when purchased for non-emergency circumstances, disqualifying those expenses for reimbursement through the FEMA Public Assistance (PA) program. Under FEMA’s current interpretation of the guidance, jurisdictions purchasing PPE for some “essential workers” will no longer be able to receive reimbursements for those expenses.

The full policy detailing the changes can be found on GFOA’s FEMA Coronavirus Resource Page here.

The Federal Liaison Center will continue to monitor this policy as it develops.