Financial Foundations Framework

Financial Policy Challenge

What is the Financial Policy Challenge?

It is a GFOA-wide effort to encourage members to adopt and share financial policies that are essential to a strong financial foundation.

Why is GFOA doing this?

Our surveys show that significant portions of the GFOA membership do not have some of the policies that GFOA considers critical. For example, only about half of GFOA members have a one-time revenue policy. We want to make these policies much more common.

How many policies have been submitted?

Are those the only policies that are part of the challenge?

No. GFOA will collect examples of other types of financial policies. If your government has any new policies that address current challenges or other issues that the policies above don’t cover, we are interested!

How can I view policies that have been submitted?

All submitted policies are available on GFOA's website to download. Policies are sorted by category. In addition, each page below provides more guidance, including GFOA best practices, research papers, articles from Government Finance Review, and more to help develop your own policies.

How can I submit my policies for the challenge?

Policies can be submitted electronically using the webform below. To enter, simply complete the form by providing sample policies in each of the policy areas listed above and answer questions related to the policies. Similarly, you can submit policies in alternate categories. There is no charge to participate in the financial policy challenge and the challenge is open to all governments.