GFOA Scholarship Spotlight: Jessica Isley

Jessica received the Jeffrey L. Esser Career Development Scholarship in 2022.

Photo of Jessica Isley

Q & A with Jessica

Where and what are you currently studying and why did you choose this?

I am currently studying Accounting at Western Governor's University based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. I chose to go into Accounting because I had the opportunity to learn from a young age how important Accounting is to keep a business running. 

What government are you working or hoping to work at in the future?

I just started working for Clifton Water District in Clifton, Colorado, as their finance manager.  I hope to continue in my position for many many years and help this district thrive. 

What are your future career goals?

My future career goal is to continue as the finance manager of Clifton Water District. 

Which GFOA scholarship did you receive and how will GFOA’s scholarship help you achieve those goals?

I received the Jeffery Esser Scholarship this year, and this scholarship will truly help me in so many ways. I work full time in addition to being a mom, wife, volunteer, and full-time student. I have taken pride in going through school without taking out any student loans. Having this scholarship will greatly relieve the financial burden that paying for school has brought on and allow me to focus on my career, family and life goals.