GFOA Scholarship Spotlight: Jesus Gimenez

Jesus received the $10,000 Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship.

Photo of Jesus Gimenez.

Jesus Gimenez was born in Venezuela. He arrived in the U.S. in May 2001. After graduating high school, he started working for a small family-owned company that offered vehicle and commercial insurance, income tax preparation, payroll, and bookkeeping services. After six years, he took an opportunity to work for the Tax Office of Mecklenburg County in May 2013. Working at Mecklenburg County expanded his experience, knowledge, career, and education, allowing him to pursue an Accounting Associate degree and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Throughout his career in the public sector, he has worked at four departments: The Tax Office, Finance, Park and Recreation, and Criminal Justice Services. In each of his roles, he learned a different area of governmental accounting, reporting, monitoring, auditing, and the importance of local government to serve the public and maintain proper stewardship of public funds.  

Q & A with Jesus

Where and what are you currently studying, and why did you choose this?

I am enrolled in the University of North Carolina Charlotte and am currently studying for my Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Analytics. I chose the MBA in Business Analytics as I want to grow my career in the public sector with Mecklenburg County. As I start new challenges in upper managerial positions, the skills and knowledge I receive academically will be beneficial and necessary for my success. 

What government are you working in or hope to work at in the future?

I have worked for Mecklenburg County for nearly ten years. I hope to continue my public service career working for Mecklenburg County.

What are your future career goals?

My future career goals are to continue growing my career with Mecklenburg County in local government by pursuing upper managerial positions within Finance or Manager’s office. As an employee and resident of Mecklenburg County, I want to give my best effort to make it the best place to work and live. I hope to be in positions that help make decisions to better the lives of Mecklenburg County residents and continue to elevate the work experience for its employees. 

How will GFOA’s scholarship help you achieve those goals?

The GFOA’s scholarship will help me graduate a semester faster by helping me afford summer classes. By taking a summer class in 2023 and another in 2024, I can graduate in Fall 2024 instead of Spring 2025. Graduating faster will help me acquire academic knowledge sooner and will make me more marketable as positions that align with my future goals become open.