GFOA Second Annual MiniMuni 2020 Concludes

GFOA’s annual MiniMuni Conference wrapped up yesterday after a 3-day virtual event that brought practitioners, regulators, and policy makers together to discuss important topics concerning the municipal market.

Multiple panels of experts were featured throughout the event covering a variety of issues important to public issuers today. Rebecca Olsen, Director of the SEC’s Office of Municipal Securities, opened the event by offering her insight on what is impacting the municipal markets today. On matters of municipal market disclosure and applauding efforts of the GFOA to bring industry together on disclosure principles (view document).

MiniMuni 2020 proceeded with interesting discussions and featured view points from diverse public issuer stakeholders and GFOA Committee members, led by GFOA President Marion Gee. Concluding on a high note, the final day of MiniMuni 2020 opened with remarks from U.S. Representative Dan Kildee from Michigan, a former County Treasurer and Key member of the House Ways and Means Committee. Drawing from his tenure as former Genesee County Treasurer, the Congressman assured viewers he understood the current challenges public money managers are facing. In closing, while clearly describing the challenges in revenue receipts and capital requirements of issuers across the country, Congressman Kildee implored GFOA members to continue sharing their experiences with federal partners and make their voice heard.

GFOA sincerely thanks everyone who participated and attended for making the 2nd annual MiniMuni Conference a success.