GFR - Editorial Policy

Government finance officers, scholars, private consultants, and other knowledgeable individuals are encouraged to submit manuscripts to GFR. Submissions should present research data and findings, demonstrate the successful implementation of recommended practices, or otherwise contribute to the professional management of public financial resources. Manuscripts should be clearly and concisely written in a formal style from the third-person perspective. The use of direct quotes and the identification of public officials by name are generally not permitted. Manuscripts may not promote a particular commercial enterprise, firm, product, or political party or candidate.

Submission of a manuscript implies permission to publish. Material submitted to GFR should be unpublished and not scheduled for publication in another journal or magazine. Copyright of published articles is automatically vested in the publisher. However, the GFOA is generally agreeable to granting reprint permission to organizations and individuals whose intentions are consistent with the GFOA's mission.

The decision to publish a given manuscript is the sole discretion of the editor-in-chief, relying on the recommendations of the managing editor. Priority will be given to articles on innovative approaches to public financial management. Often, we prefer submissions featuring best practice case studies, lessons learned, industry trends, or other information relevant and important for public finance officers. Direct solicitation of manuscripts by the editors of GFR does not guarantee publication and should not be construed as such. All submissions are subject to editorial revision.

For any questions, please contact GFR's Managing Editor, Marcy Boggs.