Hero Award Spotlight: Jené Jess

Jené serves as Finance Director, City of Bondurant, Iowa

Photo of recipient.

As the City’s finance director, Jené helped the City navigate multiple crises:

  • Recognizing that residents could easily accumulate huge balances with the suspension of utility shutoffs at the beginning of the pandemic, Jené worked with customers to develop payment plans and reduced the City’s overall delinquent utility balances, while helping customers figure out how to cope with individual financial setbacks.
  • Jené previously helped the City transition from a legacy software system. Prior to this new system, the City did not have e-Government capabilities and every transaction had to be manually entered. When COVID hit, the City had been promoting online transactions as a convenience to residents, businesses, and builders. This ability became essential when City Hall closed to the public due to the pandemic.
  • The City of Bondurant was hit by a derecho on August 10, 2020. Jené initiated procedures to create a special revenue fund and re-train department heads on FEMA-related procedures and emergency measures, highlighting what could be reimbursed and what documentation would be needed.
  • Jené developed a City of Bondurant Finance department webpage for transparency and communication with the community.