Assistant Fiscal Officer (Fiscal Manager)

Assistant Fiscal Officer (Fiscal Manager)
Harrison Township
 Dayton, Ohio
Job Description

To provide assistance to the fiscal officer, or deputy fiscal officer, and the administrator. Responsibility for record keeping, receiving and disbursing funds, financial accounting and providing administrative support.


  1. Assists with keeping an accurate record of the proceedings of the board of township trustees at all meetings, and an accurate record of all its accounts and transactions
  2. Responsibility for processing, operation and maintenance of the Visual Intelligence Portfolio (VIP) Accounting system consisting of general ledger, accounts payable, purchasing, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, project accounting & budget control
  3. Assists with preparation, submission and filing of monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  4. Assists with fiscal policy and procedure development, modification and implementation
  5. Directs, manages and evaluates staff in accounts payable and waste collection
  6. Assists with direction and supervision of the fiscal operations of the township
  7. Assists in the preparation and maintenance of the annual budget
  8. Monitors appropriations, expenditures and encumbrances
  9. Helps establish and maintain internal controls to ensure accurate and timely processing
  10. Completes all education programs and continuing education courses required of township fiscal officers
  11. Other duties as delegated by the fiscal officer and/or assigned by the administrator