Audit Manager III

Audit Manager III
Dallas County Auditor's Office
 Dallas, Texas
Job Description
  1. Directs activities for monitoring expenditures and issuing financial reports for all grant programs of Dallas County.
  2. Plans and schedules audit work assignments of staff and establishes/maintains current audit programs to determine compliance with directives and applicable laws.
  3. Consults and works with various department officials and employees regarding procedure relating to the audit and reports progress, results and exceptions to the County Auditor or the First Assistant.
  4. Stays abreast of current directives, procedures and applicable laws with respect to the county government’s accounting and records operations.
  5. Analyzes audit work papers to determine if procedures are being followed.
  6. Directs professional development and training opportunities, prepares written job evaluations and conducts performance reviews for field audit employees.
  7. Performs other duties as assigned.