Budget Director

Budget Director
City of New Haven Office of Policy, Management, & Grants
 New Haven, Connecticut
Job Description

This is a responsible cabinet level, professional and administrative position, within the Office of Mayor directing, coordinating, planning, and preparing for current and long-range budgetary requirements of the city and monitoring implementation. In addition to overseeing the development and execution of the City budget, the Director of Policy, Management, Grants (Budget Director) in a staff capacity advises the mayor on the budget’s adopted tax policies, collection rates, overall financial strategies, and direction of the City, advise on policies and procedures and any other difficult or complex fiscal problems encountered.

In addition, the Director of Policy, Management, Grants (Budget Director) works on the overall management strategy in conjunction with appropriate City staff, including but not limited to oversight of city agencies performance, human capital management, labor strategies, and overall management strategies of the city. The work is performed under the general direction of the mayor, in accordance with policies established by the Mayor, Board of Alders and City’s Charter/General Code of Ordinance requirements regarding Budget development and implementation. The Director of Policy, Management, Grants (Budget Director) works in conjunction with the Controller on policies and operations of the Department of Finance, and overall budget and fiscal affairs of the City. There is considerable latitude for professional and administrative judgment and initiative in carrying out the activities of the budget operation.