Budget Manager

Budget Manager
City of Cedar Park Finance Department
 Cedar Park, Texas
Job Description
  • Assists departments in the preparation of annual budgets, including capital budgets, and assists with budget amendments, adjustments, and transfers when necessary. Also assists with the creation of the City's annual budget document;
  • Monitors revenues and expenditures for assigned departments and provides department heads and board/commission members with information that will enable them to make fiscally responsible decisions;
  • Conducts financial and budgetary policy research and development;
  • Prepares written reports, graphs, presentations, oral reports and other project support for financial presentations;
  • Prepares high-level analysis and reports using spreadsheets and City's financial system software;
  • Prepares cost estimates for citywide personnel salary and benefits, pay plan changes, and public safety meet and confer negotiations;
  • Oversees, manages, and coordinates with the Capital Programs Specialist in developing the Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) and monitoring revenues and expenses for projects approved in the CIP;
  • Coordinates and participates in City and other governmental meetings, as necessary, related to grant needs and applications; Participates in meetings and discussions in which decisions affecting City projects are made; develops recommendations on new grant opportunities;
  • Maintains accounts of all grant funds; assists in budget preparation and analysis; prepares and administers budget in relation to assigned projects; and
  • Attends staff and other appointed board and commission meeting.
  • Other Important Duties
  • Perform other related duties as may be assigned.