Budget Manager

Budget Manager
Washington County Finance Department
 Hillsboro, Oregon
Job Description

Washington County is looking for an innovative and strategic leader to join our Finance Department as a Budget Manager!

As a Budget Manager, you will support the County's annual financial planning and budget development functions as well as support the organization's mission of setting out to provide timely, accurate, relevant, and accessible information, services, guidance, and training to our customers in all our lines of businesses. This includes planning, organizing, executing, and monitoring the County's $1.4 billion total budget. Responsibilities include supervising a team of budget analysts, working directly with the County Administrator’s Office, and presenting to the Board of County Commissioners on budget matters. The ideal candidate is an adept project manager with excellent communication skills, ready to lead during an exciting time of change and growth in the budget and finance offices. Adequate skills of using budgeting software and intermediate to advanced Microsoft Office skills are essential. Finally, we are looking for individuals who lead with emotional intelligence and have proven experience infusing equity and inclusion into programs and projects.


Duties may include:

  • Plans, organizes, manages, and administers the annual budget, supplemental budgets, mid-year budget adjustments, special financial analysis, and long-term financial plans and forecasts.
  • Assists in the development and implementation of division policies, procedures, and business practices; evaluates goals, objectives, priorities, and activities to improve performance and outcomes; recommends and establishes administrative controls and improvements; develops procedures to implement new and/or changing regulatory requirements.
  • Develops the Countywide budget calendar, establishes budget assumptions, and guides the Countywide budget process; directs and manages the preparation of revenue forecasts and evaluates the impacts of the projections; monitors and evaluates revenues and expenditures throughout the year and identifies potential issues; works with department management to identify and evaluate options and strategies; oversees budget adjustment and supplemental budget processes.
  • Develops, manages, prepares, and maintains financial forecasting models, including Countywide revenue forecast models; collaborates with department management to ensure budgeting and financial forecasting needs are met and incorporates economic trends into forecasts; develops and manages the implementation of the allocation methodology for internal support service costs.
  • Assists in creating a positive and supportive work environment; enforces a safe workplace; establishes a culture of teamwork and communication; creates a work place that promotes the organizational values of workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion; and actively promotes an environment respectful of living and working in a multicultural society.
  • Develops, administers, and monitors multiple fund and program budgets; develops justifications for budgetary recommendations and/or adjustments; participates in forecasting additional funds for staffing and resources; and develops policy and manages staff providing grant application, administration and reporting activities.
  • Plans, organizes, develops, integrates and evaluates the work of the -Budget Team staff; develops, implements and monitors work plans, programs, processes and systems to achieve strategic plan goals, objectives and performance measures in keeping with the County’s mission and values; directs the development of County budgets and -monitors performance against the approved budgets.
  • Washington County organizes its positions into classifications.
  • Classification descriptions are typically written broadly. For more information and to review the full classification, please use this link: Budget Manager


Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Finance, Accounting or related degree program from an accredited institution of higher education; AND five (5) years of professional-level experience in budget development, accounting, finance, and similar analyses. OR
  • Associate degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Finance, Accounting, or related degree program from an accredited institution of higher education; AND seven (7) years of professional-level experience in budget development, accounting, finance, and similar analyses.
  • Additional licenses, certificates, physical abilities, and specialty requirements:

Pass a comprehensive background check.

Must have the ability to arrange for timely transportation in order to attend required appointments and meetings at off-site locations.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • A minimum of two (2) years experience supervising a work team.

Please be clear and specific in the applicable sections of the employment application about how your background is relevant. This information must also be consistent with your supplemental question responses if applicable. Please note: Answers to the supplemental questions are typically evaluated separately from your application.