Director of Finance

Director of Finance
City of Clayton Finance Department
 Clayton, Missouri
Job Description

The City of Clayton is seeking applicants for the position of Director of Finance. This position serves as the City's Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for administrative and fiscal work involving planning, organizing, directing and evaluating all phases of the City's financial activities under the general direction of the City Manager.

The City of Clayton's mission is "to foster a diverse and inclusive community with a vital balance of neighborhoods, businesses, commercial and government centers, educational institutions, and a healthy environment through an open, equitable, accessible and fiscally responsible government." The City of Clayton is proud to provide world class service levels to a community which values the contributions of the professional team. Comprised of approximately 185 full-time and over 200 part-time and seasonal employees, the average full-time employee tenure is over ten years.

The Finance Department is responsible for coordinating and monitoring all fiscal matters concerning the City of Clayton. In particular, the Department is responsible for purchasing; collecting revenues and paying expenditures; analyzing and monitoring the City's investments; developing the annual operating budget; providing the Board of Aldermen and the City Manager with short and long-term financial forecasts and advice regarding financial affairs of the City; administering the two City pension funds, property insurance and risk management; coordinating efforts with public accountants to accomplish an annual certified audit of the City's operation; overseeing all accounts receivable including ambulance billings, parking tickets and municipal court; and processing business, liquor, and other licenses for merchants within the City.