Director of Treasury

Director of Treasury
Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority Finance Department
 Chicago, Illinois
Job Description

Position Title: Director of Treasury / Capital Management
Department: Treasury / Capital
FLSA: Exempt
Date: August 4, 2022

POSITION SUMMARY - Coordinates the investment and cash management of all Authority funds related to operations, capital maintenance, debt service, and project funds. Manages outstanding debt position. Consolidates the Authority’s capital plans and oversees the expenditure of capital funds. Monitors allocation and investment performance of the pension and deferred compensation plans. Performs the financial analysis of new business, investment and financing proposals. Responsible for ensuring journal entries for the Authority’s cash and investments related to bond proceeds, debt service funds, tax collections, and operating cash are appropriately entered into the Authority’s accounting software and appropriately classified on the Authority’s financial statements.


  1. Directs the investment and cash management of all Authority accounts including Operations, Capital Maintenance, Debt Service, and Project funds considering both market conditions and projected revenues and expenses. Directs cash flow projections for all Authority accounts for 3+ years, with an emphasis on the next 12 months. Seeks to maximize the financial return on all cash balances and investments by evaluating the market return of available instruments detailed in the Authority’s investment policy.
  2. Oversees banking operations for all of the Authority’s operating accounts including maintenance of day-to-day relationships, managing account balances according to Authority management agreements, automation of cash application data transfers, maintaining appropriate user rights for banking functions, expanded automated clearinghouse payment program, cash handling procedures, automated cash account reconciliations, identification and implementation of other best banking practices. Monitor performance under the operating agreements for MPEA business units. Reviews policies to ensure there are no potential conflicts with operational procedures.
  3. Works with City and State Departments to assure implementation, collection, and enforcement of taxes used to fund outstanding debt and the required transfers to the respective debt service accounts. Ensures flow of funds meets statutory requirements enacted by State of Illinois and effectively communicates discrepancies with State administrative staff to achieve resolution. Reports monthly to management on actual tax collections and periodically updates projections of future collections.
  4. Manages the Authority’s existing debt and analyzes potential refunding/restructuring and/or new financing opportunities. Directs the analysis of financing structures, communicates ideas to Authority leadership, and leads the preparation of official statements and other bond sale and closing documents with the finance team. Reviews proposals and negotiates fees for services provided by financial advisors, underwriters, bond counsel, etc.
  5. Reviews capital requests and prepares consolidated capital expenditure reports, providing a quarterly reconciliation to management of outstanding commitments and available funds.
  6. Assists the bond trustees in administering trust accounts in compliance with various statutory, tax and indenture requirements.
  7. Monitors the assets in the pension and deferred compensation plans and reviews performance reports to Trustees.
  8. Manages all state appropriated and non-appropriated fund balances, prepares vouchers to redeem funds, properly accounts for collection of funds, maintains records for auditor general audit, serves as primary Authority contact on auditor general audits, and maintains day-to-day relationships with State staff.
  9. Performs financial analysis of new business proposals and bid submissions.
  10. Coordinates with Financial Reporting on the annual financial audits by providing all schedules and information pertaining to the Authority’s \ debt portfolio, investment income, tax collections, cash transactions, and retirement plans. Manages implementation for accounting pronouncements related to the aforementioned items.
  11. Interacts with Financial Reporting, and other departments assisting with capital requests, revenue reporting, and expenditure evaluation and control. Responsible for building strong relationships within the Authority and building strong relationships with finance and operating professionals of managers of Authority-owned assets.
  12. Responsible for building and managing strong relationships with key administrative staff at State and City and with banking, legal, rating, and business professionals throughout the business community, particularly in the municipal finance industry.
  13. Embodies the Authority’s ethics and values and is devoted to helping the Authority fulfill its mission.


  1. Provides analysis and recommendations to CFO on other financial issues or proposals.
  2. Responsible for supervision of department personnel.
  3. Performs other work-related job duties as assigned.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Economics, Statistics, Accounting, or related field. Masters or post graduate degree preferred.
  2. Minimum of five (5) years’ experience in related financial positions, preferably in a capital raising capacity, and specifically in municipal finance.
  3. Proficient financial modeling experience in MS Excel, particularly with cash flows and municipal finance.
  4. Prior experience in dealing with financial institutions.
  5. Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal skills.
  6. Excellent organizational and problem-solving, skills with proven ability to prioritize effectively.
  7. Strong attention to detail and demonstrated ability to think and learn independently.
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