Finance Director

Finance Director
City of Defuniak Springs Finance Department
 Defuniak Springs, Florida
Job Description

Sec. 2-59. Qualifications.

(a) A B.S. degree, in accounting, public finance, business administration, or a closely related field from a four-year college or university, or eight (8) years' experience in local government accounting, public finance or business administration or similarly related work may substitute for a B.S. degree.

(b) A Certified public accountant is preferred. Must possess knowledge of State of Florida Uniform Accounting Codes and any other areas concerning governmental accounting, along with a working knowledge of utility services. Knowledge in the areas of budget preparation, budget administration, financial investments and financial computer software are essential.

(c) Must have knowledge of computer systems.

(Ord. No. 534, 4-13-87; Ord. No. 576, 11-12-90; Ord. No. 877 , 5-22-2017; Ord. No. 891 , 7-23-2018)

Sec. 2-60. Duties.

(a) Attend all meetings of the city council with the right to participate and discuss but not to vote.

(b) Advise the council on a monthly basis of the current financial condition of the city and furnish to the city council and city manager a budget summary at the first monthly meeting of each month which reflects the city's financial condition through the end of the preceding month.

(c) Assist in the preparation of the annual budget for the ensuing fiscal year.

(d) Furnish to the mayor, city council members or the city manager upon request copies of any and all records concerning the city's financial condition.

(e) Shall serve as city treasurer and shall receive all monies paid to the city and shall keep accurate accounts of all receipts.

(f) Shall disburse funds in the payment of authorized expenditures as follows:

  1. Authorized purchase order and a signed receipt from a city representative that the merchandise, equipment or services have been received.
  2. On a timely basis of previously council-approved allocations to agencies or organizations.
  3. On recurring approved service or expenses after approved and signed by the city manager.

Any one of the three (3) above authorizes and directs the director of finance to make payments on a timely basis. The city council may direct the director of finance to pay any indebtedness they feel to be justifiable.

(g) The city finance director shall not, without first obtaining approval from the city council, do any of the following:

  1. Deposit any city funds in any institution other than a certified public depository which is on the approved list issued by the State of Florida.
  2. Invest any city funds in any manner without first presenting the matter to the city council for its consideration.
  3. Open any certificate of deposit accounts or transfer or roll over any certificate of deposit accounts which the city owns.

(h) Shall have the authority to supervise the personnel within the departments of the city that are responsible for clerical duties necessary to carry out his/her duties, including but not limited to collecting money and preparing payroll. The supervisory capacity shall be limited to the extent that it is necessary for the director of finance to effectively carry out the duties of director of finance. In the event any problems should arise with the supervision of said personnel, the director of finance shall so advise the city manager, so that the city manager can take proper action.

(i) Prepare a monthly list for the city council of bills paid or to be paid to be submitted at the first regularly scheduled meeting of the council each month.

(j) Perform such other duties as may from time to time be prescribed by the city council.

(Ord. No. 534, 4-13-87; Ord. No. 560, 3-13-89)