Finance Director

Finance Director
City of Helena Finance Director
 Helena, Montana
Job Description

Job Responsibilities
Department Management and Administration

  • Leads the following organizational functions: Budget, Accounting, Utility & License billing and payments, mill levy calculations and assessment billing, and other related functions as assigned
  • Continuously monitors and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery methods / procedures, administrative support systems and internal reporting relationships
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement and directs the implementation of changes
  • Ensures department personnel are selected, trained, motivated and evaluated; provides and coordinates staff training; coaches employees to correct deficiencies; implements discipline and termination recommendations; assists in development of staff through professional development and personal improvement plans
  • Inspires and expects exceptional customer service from staff
  • Evaluates workload and assists in department processes when needed
  • Evaluates financial systems and determines if improvements or replacement as needed; serves as liaison to IT services, and ensures those IT services have value equivalent to the resources allocated yearly
  • May represent the City’s interest on or with various committees, boards, and groups as appointed, assigned and or approved by the City Manager

Finance and Budget

  • Submits periodic financial reports to the City Manager and Commission
  • Provides direction and executes financial research on special projects and preparation of reports
  • Produces annual book of fees schedules and rate resolutions and analyzes fees as directed
  • Establishes finance operational strategies
  • Supports the City Manager's Office in financial management strategies and operations
  • Identifies key business models
  • Invests excess funds in state permitted investments
  • Communicates to City Manager and Commission the state of borrowing capacity, debt repayment, term changes and other relevant details
  • Oversees and ensures the preparation of the budget and capital improvement plan of the City and ensures preparation of financial information as needed/requested for all departments
  • Oversees debt financing for city projects

General Accounting

  • Designs, establishes and maintains effective accounting systems and sound procedures for accounting for financial transactions and reporting, operating and capital budgets, and internal controls for the city
  • Maintains all accounting systems, financial reporting and internal controls in accordance with generally accepted governmental accounting principles, and state law
  • Approves or rejects recording and recognition of all revenues, expenditures or expenses, and all other transactions to the accounting records under their control ensuring the records accurately reflect the value of the assets, liabilities, revenues and expenditures or expenses of the city and its funds
  • Executes authority to take all actions necessary for the collection of debts owed the city consistent with general law.

Grants Administration and Contracts

  • Coordinates financial reporting and accounting for all city Payment Services
  • Oversees all activities related to utility and licensing revenue collection
  • Coordinates communication strategies and effectively informs the
    public about payment systems
  • Implements on-line, and phone payment systems and embraces new application use to facilitate efficient revenue collection