Grant Funding Accountant

Grant Funding Accountant
Cherry Creek School District #5 Accounting Department
 Greenwood Village, Colorado
Job Description

Job Identification - 1007691

Job Category Professional - Other

Number of Openings -1

Locations - 9150 E UNION AVE, GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO, 80111, US

Department - Fiscal Services

Grade - PROTECH04

Tentative Start Date - 07/08/2024

Hours Per Day - 8

Days Per Year - 230

FTE - 1

Hard to Fill - No


COMPENSATION PLAN: Professional Technical

PAY RANGE: Range 4

SUPERVISOR: Controller or designee

LAST UPDATED: 01/09/2023


Under minimal direct supervision, proactively perform accounting activities related to specific reporting and compliance requirements. Support and assist in the proper recording and reporting of general accounting activities. Coordinates and collaborates with schools, district departments, and outside entities that are involved with capital projects and grants funding as well as the district’s federal, state, and private financial assistance programs. Using the Oracle platform, monitor the proper accounting for and reporting of such programs for the district. Demonstrate professionalism in all work and communications. Ability to interact and collaborate efficiently and effectively District wide. Provide support to the Controller and Assistant Controller. Assignments include Grant Funding and Projects and Fixed Assets.


The following tasks describe the basic functions of the job and represent the type of work performed. They do not constitute an exhaustive list of the duties and responsibilities performed on the job. The following frequencies and percentage of time spent are approximations only and are subject to flexibility dependent on organizational needs.


  • Utilizing the ERP platform, compile and analyze data and monitor the coding, recording, and reporting of projects and activities through various district departments and other relevant sources. Prepare and input correcting journal entries resulting from in depth ERP reporting analysis of accounting information. Partner with Payroll specialists to facilitate payroll corrections as needed. [Daily, 10%]
  • Create and manage ERP report tracking documentation (i.e. spreadsheets) to assist in the monitoring, reporting and recording of accounting activities. [Weekly, 5%]
  • Prepare monthly reports and presentations as needed or requested for district administration, Superintendent’s Cabinet, and Board of Education. [Monthly, 10%]
  • Maintain ERP accounting system databases, tables, and programs. [Monthly, 5%]
  • Work in partnership with external auditors and provide data analysis as required, including work papers, schedules, and access to accounting records for federal, state, and private programs. [Annually, 5%]
  • Perform other related duties as assigned or requested. [Daily, 5%]


  • Utilizing the ERP platform, compile, analyze, and monitor the coding, recording, and reporting of grant projects and activities through the Special Populations Department, Federal Projects Office, Cherry Creek Schools Foundation, and other relevant sources. [Daily, 10%]
  • Maintain the district’s Grants Activities reporting system in ERP platform to ensure the accurate accounting and reporting of grant projects and activities, including the monitoring and assistance in the tracking, recording and closing of multiple year grant accounts. [Daily, 10%]
  • Advise school bookkeepers and department staff of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and other federal regulations and provide guidance for the proper accounting reporting for compliance with federal, state, and private requirements relating to the financial assistance programs. Advise and assist in formulating corrective action plans as needed. [Daily, 5%]
  • Maintain up-to-date information relating to the compliance requirements of federal, state, and private financial assistance programs. Distribute and communicate current results with appropriate district personnel. [Daily, 3%]
  • Perform monthly reconciliation on grant accounts, ensuring all transactions are posted to the general ledger. [Monthly, 10%]
  • Utilizing the ERP platform, analyze detail, and compile data for selected federal, state, and private programs regularly scheduled reports. Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports for other federal programs. Coordinate the timely filing of accurate reports to appropriate external agencies. [Monthly, 9%]
  • Perform system development tests for ERP system patches and upgrades. Create and monitor ERP system case support tickets. [Monthly, 5%]
  • Provide support and assistance in maintaining the accounting records and reports for the Cherry Creek Schools Foundation. Utilizing ERP system reports, assist with the preparation of the Foundation’s annual financial audit. [Monthly, 3%]
  • Work in partnership with the Grants team in formulating budgets for the Grants programs. Provide accurate analysis and data collected from the ERP system, including calculated account totals. Forecast remaining grant activity and project balances for district administration and Grant personnel. [Annually, 5%]


  • Manage the district’s capital projects activities system within the ERP platform to ensure the accurate accounting for the reporting of capital construction projects and capital assets. [Daily, 10%]
  • Determine the value of capital asset additions, disposals, and adjustments, and record them in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). [Daily, 10%]
  • Stay abreast of the requirements and best practices of financial and accounting compliance related to capital project activities and capital assets. Keep department and school staff appraised of GAAP. [Daily, 3%]
  • Monitor, analyze and report the capital project accounting activities. Create monthly reconciliation reports on capital project accounts, ensuring all transactions are posted to the general ledger. [Monthly, 5%]
  • Participate in formulating budgets for the capital project programs, including checking details and calculating account totals. Assist with forecasting remaining capital project activity and project balances for district administration and other personnel. [Monthly, 5%]
  • Test the ERP system patches and upgrades in relation to AC (activities), AM (asset management), and GL (general ledger) modules. Create and monitor ERP system case support tickets. Perform monthly close process for the applicable modules in the ERP system. [Monthly, 5%]
  • Maintain district’s financial leases. [Monthly, 3%]
  • Perform monthly reconciliation on fixed asset accounts, ensuring all transactions are posted to the general ledger. Prepare and input correcting journal entries resulting from analysis of such accounting information. [Monthly, 2%]
  • Assist district personnel with maintenance of physical inventory and tracking of assets. [Quarterly, 5%]
  • Prepare annual capital asset reports and end-of-year capital asset financial audit schedules. [Annually, 10%]
  • Provides professional consulting, training, advising, directing, and mentoring services to district personnel related to capital/operating projects and fixed assets. [Daily, 2%]


The minimum amounts of formal education, professional work experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities that must be met for a candidate to be considered for a position:

  • Bachelor's degree in accounting or similar field
  • Three (3) years of accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, banking, bookkeeping, budget, or financial planning and analysis experience
  • Demonstrated passion for education
  • Intermediate knowledge of accounting (e.g. posting, account reconciliation, account analysis)
  • Intermediate analytical skills, including statistical analysis and the use of spreadsheets
  • Intermediate critical thinking, problem solving, and organizational skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Intermediate Microsoft Office skills, with emphasis on Excel
  • Ability to operate a ten key adding machine
  • Ability to be flexible and adjust to changing priorities
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively with others
  • Criminal background check and fingerprinting required for hire


The minimum certifications and licenses that must be met, valid, and unexpired for a candidate to be considered for a position



Any job-related formal education, professional work experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, certifications, licenses, and other criteria that are inessential and in addition to the minimum qualifications, certifications, and licenses

  • Public accounting experience
  • Experience working in public education
  • Experience working with Oracle software
  • Experience working directly with people from diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification
  • Racially conscious and culturally competent with the skill, will, capacity, and knowledge to commit to a culture of continuous improvement
  • Impeccable attention to detail


The physical exertion, cognitive capacities, and work environments required to perform a position’s duties and responsibilities:

  • Light work strength level (lifting or carrying up to 25 pounds)
  • Primarily works indoors
  • Sedentary work
  • Frequent bending, reaching, and lifting
  • Eye/hand coordination (e.g., typing, ten key)
  • Visual concentration on equipment
  • Concentrated reading/writing/mathematics
  • Normal office environment
  • Normal school district environment