Internal Auditor

Internal Auditor
Rock Hill Schools Business Services Department
 Rock Hill, South Carolina
Job Description

Under the direction of the Chief of Business Services, the Internal Auditor is to evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of business procedures and internal control system, the quality of performance in carrying out assigned responsibilities, and performing complex professional accounting functions. The Internal Auditor is responsible for conducting independent analysis, reviews of compliance, financial analysis, reconciliations, creation and revisions of internal controls, appraisals, recommendations, counsel, documenting information concerning the activities reviewed and various accounting functions. Internal audit work includes conducting performance, financial, and compliance audit projects.

Essential Functions

  • Review the reliability and integrity of financial and operating information and the means used to identify, measure, classify, and report such information.
  • Assists in identifying and evaluating the organization’s risk areas and provides input to the development of the Annual Audit Plan for the purpose of developing and maintaining district-wide financial reliability and integrity and meeting the district’s mission.
  • Review and evaluate compliance with and the effectiveness of the internal control system and assist in creating and maintaining efficient and effective internal controls.
  • Analyzes data and develops reports on a timely basis for the purpose of informing staff and providing material that is useful in planning and evaluating processes.
  • Analyzes policies, systems, laws, and procedures for the purpose of determining district compliance.
  • Collaborates with and assists other district personnel for the purpose of assessing and evaluating the fidelity of services and/or programs in the district.
  • Performs various complex professional accounting functions as assigned.
  • Develops long and short range plans/programs including annual master schedule for evaluation of programs, departments, or processes on a district-wide basis for the purpose of ensuring that district resources are effectively scheduled and utilized.
  • Performs audit procedures including identifying and defining issues, developing criteria, reviewing and analyzing evidence, conducting interviews, administers surveys, and documenting client processes and procedures for the purposes of affirming and/or correcting activities or processes.
  • Prepares progress reports, activity reports, and recommendations for the purpose of providing up-to-date status of projects and activities and suggestions for corrective action, if applicable.
  • Provides leadership and technical support for the purpose of designing, developing and maintaining an efficient auditing system and evaluating programs or activities.
  • Serves as a technical resource to the Chief of Business Services and staff for the purpose of providing information to meet the district’s immediate and long-term needs.
  • Assist in planning and conducting in-service activities in the audited areas for the purpose of conveying and/or receiving information and coordinating district activities.
  • Participates in presentations, meetings, workshops and seminars for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions.
  • Maintains comprehensive and current knowledge of accounting principles, applicable laws, and regulations; maintains current information on new accounting principles, methods, trends, and advances in the accounting profession.
  • Other duties as assigned.