Legislative Fiscal Analyst

Legislative Fiscal Analyst
Oregon State Legislature Fiscal Office
 Salem, Oregon
Job Description

This position focuses on producing statutorily required fiscal impact statements; developing budget recommendations for small state agencies, boards, and commissions; and conducting program evaluations and other budget analyses within particular program areas. A Legislative Fiscal Analyst works directly with elected officials on fiscal impact preparation and review; research and analysis; and translation of information into policy choices and recommendations.

LFO provides nonpartisan, permanent, professional analytical services to the Legislative Assembly. The mission of the office is to provide comprehensive research, analysis, and recommendations on the state’s biennial budget. LFO evaluates state expenditures, program administration, and agency organization to assist in development of the Legislature’s adopted balanced budget; prepares fiscal impact statements on legislative measures; and provides staff support to the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, Emergency Board, and several other legislative committees.