Finance Director

Finance Director
City of Boulder City Finance Department
 Boulder City, Nevada
Job Description

The Finance Department

Boulder City’s Finance Department keeps financial records, maintains a listing of all City-owned properties, invests and disburses all monies of the City, issues debt and assists in the preparation of estimates, budgets and other financial matters. The department is also responsible for the City’s utility billing and general accounting practices, including financial reporting, budgetary reporting, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable. The Finance Department also handles all real estate appraisals and all lease/sale records.

Boulder City operates its own electric utility, provides water and wastewater services, and operates it own landfill and airport.

The Finance Director Position

Reports directly to the City Manager. Assumes management responsibilities such as proper administration of the City’s finances by planning, directing, and reviewing the work of accounting, data processing, revenue collection, billing, licensing, and purchasing functions. Appointed Real Estate Officer managing the City’s acquisition, leasing and disposition of developed and undeveloped real property; has negotiated multi-million dollar lease agreements with U.S. and foreign corporations. Works with the City Manager to negotiate and administer all energy contracts.

Representative Duties of the Finance Director include:

  • Provides leadership to the Accounting Manager, Budget Manager, Purchasing Manager, Utility Billing and Collection Supervisor and Accounting Technicians
  • Reviews and improves financial administrative and accounting procedures and policies to meet generally accepted accounting principles and reflect City objectives
  • Assures utility billing and collection services are effectively performed, and bad-debt losses and accounts receivable are minimized
  • Performs rate review for utilities and makes recommendation on rate adjustments; also works with the Utilities Director and consultants for formal utility rate studies
  • Directs the Budget Manager and Accounting Manger in coordination and preparation of quarterly financial reports
  • Assure municipal funds are properly handled and invested for maximum return within limits of authorized investment sources and City's cash flow requirements
  • Develops long-term forecasts of revenue and expenditures for the City
  • Develops alternative approaches for meeting future service/program requirements based on forecasts
  • Works with City Manager and Department Heads to prepare the annual budget and Capital Improvement Plan
  • Assures that goods and services are procured in a cost-effective manner in compliance with the State Purchasing Act
  • Reviews purchase requisitions for proper authorization, availability of funds and compliance with applicable regulations
  • Monitors implementation of the budget to ensure adequate financing is available
  • Keeps the City Manager informed of budgetary issues requiring input or consent
  • Supervises employees, encourages training, evaluates performance and utilizes disciplinary programs and procedures
  • Maintains the records necessary for completing all reports
  • Ensures the City's needs for data processing are effectively met
  • Keeps abreast of developments in the financial field
  • Maintains liaison with investment representatives
  • Negotiates contracts relating to the disposal and acquisition of property
  • Manages the customer-service operations for City-wide utility services
  • Resolves customer complaints

Personal Traits/Management Style

  • Function and manage effectively in a climate of diverse opinions and viewpoints
  • Effective facilitator in dealing with conflict/dispute resolution, a good negotiator and an excellent communicator
  • Present recommendations clearly, concisely and can develop a formal financial plan in a format that can be understood by the public and experienced staff
  • Project strong customer service values among municipal staff and employees, being particularly responsive to public requests for information and services
  • Comfortable being regularly accessible to the City Manager and the entire management team