Research Study Investigating Lean Production and Lean Six Sigma Success in Local Government

This study is being conducted by researchers at Virginia Tech. View details of the study and information on how you can participate below.

Research overview

Based on the research evidence, Lean Production and Lean Six Sigma (referred to as LP/LSS for simplicity) has received increased attention to help local government organizations (LGOs) improve. Although LP/LSS is used to address problems (e.g., financial savings, lead time, citizen and employees’ satisfaction, efficiency, etc.), many initiatives have experienced challenges that limit achieving goals and outcomes.

What do we know?

By analyzing the scientific evidence using a systematic literature review, potential success factors (CSFs) were identified, representing a comprehensive set of factors that may relate to LP/LSS success in LGOs. These factors were further assessed by a set of experts, and based on this, 29 factors were emerged as the potentially most important ones.

What do we need?

We seek scholars and experienced practitioners from LGOs who have experience developing and/or implementing LP/LSS to evaluate which of the 29 factors were most significant for a successful LP/LSS outcome. By sharing your experience with us, we will be able to study and identify which of the factors are most strongly related to LP/LSS success.  

Who is eligible to participate?

Any individual who meets the following criteria are welcome to participate: (1) have experience related to the development and/or implementation of LP/LSS within an LGO, (2) served as a manager, team leader/facilitator, team member or consultant related to a LP/LSS initiative within the organization, and (3) be at least 18 years old and a native or fluent English speaker.

Survey participation rewards

Those who participate in the survey will be entered to win free registration to a GFOA webinar as well as free registration to GFOA's Virtual Forum for a person on their staff. Three winners will be selected.

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About the Researchers

Image of Eileen Van Aken, PhD

Eileen Van Aken is the Department Head and Professor in the Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech. She received her BS, MS, and PhD in industrial and systems engineering from Virginia Tech. She is a Fellow from the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, the American Society of Engineering Management, and the World Academy of Productivity Science.

Photo of Mohammed Alrezq

Mohammed Alrezq is a PhD candidate in the Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech. He received his B.S. in industrial engineering and M.Eng in industrial and systems engineering from Virginia Tech. His research interests include system improvement, lean and lean six sigma methodologies and applications.


If you have any questions or concerns about this survey study, please feel free to contact Mohammed Alrezq at This survey study was approved by the IRB in Virginia Tech (IRB Protocol Number: 22-875). If you have questions regarding your rights as a research participant, contact the Virginia Tech HRPP Office at 540-231-3732 (