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From the CEO: Bringing Members Together to Address the Pressing Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

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As I speak with public finance officers throughout the United States and Canada, it’s clear that our state, provincial, and local governments are facing many challenges. Obstacles related to balanced budgets, additional accounting standards, aging infrastructure, evolving technology, and ongoing pension shortfalls are perennial, but organizations are also grappling with the many issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps the main challenge I’m hearing about is significantly altered workforce expectations. This, combined with our ever-changing political environment and overall perception of local government—and its role in shaping our communities—adds to the stress of being a finance officer while creating a unique environment for change.

I believe GFOA plays an important role in addressing these issues by bringing members together to share ideas, provide diverse perspectives, and ultimately collaborate on strategies and solutions that will become the best practices of tomorrow. At GFOA, we prioritize member engagement, and we are implementing new strategies to connect members and encourage participation in our programs. We are also analyzing data and learning from our past experiences to find better ways to better serve you.