Capital Planning and Asset Management

In Brief: The Committee on Economic Development and Capital Planning

Image of Article from June 2021 GFR

Over the past year, the Committee on Economic Development and Capital Planning (CEDCP) has been active in reviewing Best Practice statements that provide further guidance to GFOA members in the areas of economic development and capital planning. CEDCP has 25 members, four advisors, two ex-officio members, and two GFOA staff liaisons. Kimberly Olivares, chief performance officer for the City of Austin, Texas, is the chair of the committee, and Jason Greene, finance director, City of Surfside, Florida, is the vice-chair. Committee members come from a broad range of governments including cities, counties, states, school districts, higher education, and other special-purpose districts. The diversity of experiences and organizations provides for a well rounded perspective in developing guidance for GFOA members and beyond and also makes for interesting discussion at the committee’s twice-annual meetings.