Budgeting and Forecasting, Accounting and Financial Reporting

Visualizing Data for Residents of Los Angeles

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The Office of the Controller for the City of Los Angeles, California manages vast amounts of data—particularly open data and financial data. The team’s work is based on three Ts: Transparency, Trust and Transformation, with the goal of making Los Angeles the most transparent city in the United States. Years ago, organizations that rank the transparency of governments placed Los Angeles at the bottom of the list. Today, the city is ranked at the top. Greater transparency, which creates greater accountability, can help build the public’s trust, which is vital to continuing democracy. And then, of course, there’s transformation.

Thanks to technology, the daily activities of city departments have changed and are changing radically, increasing efficiency in operations and in the delivery of vital services. We must continue to be innovative and bring technology to city government, along with different ways of thinking about it.