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QA with Chris McCullion

Image from December 2021 GFR

GFOA’s Timothy Martin connected with City of Orlando Chief Financial Officer Chris McCullion as part of GFOA’s new series, FINE(ance) Fridays. This article was adapted from Episode 5, “See the Products of My Life Improving My Community.”

In finance, working your way up the professional ladder toward the position of chief financial officer can be the culmination of a lifelong pursuit toward career excellence and an acknowledgment of the highest level of leadership skills. Christopher McCullion rose to his current role as the CFO of Orlando, the fourth largest city in Florida, by the time he hit his mid-30s. That conversation alone would be worth tuning in; however, there is more. Go to gfoa.org/fineance-fridays for a full recording of the Q&A for the rest of the story.