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Spotlight on GFOA's 2021 Scholarship Recipients

Page from August 2021 GFR

Each year, GFOA is proud to award more than $100,000 in academic scholarships to students from across the country who are interested in pursuing careers in government finance. These students are at all stages of their education and careers, but they share a passion for local government. This year, Gen Carter connected with the class of scholarship winners to ask a few questions about their goals for the coming year.

Scholarship winners include:

  • Justin Caanova-Davis
  • Emma Brandt
  • Connie Ho
  • Megan Lee
  • Kalina Mendez
  • Andre Morrison, Jr.
  • Alexander Rocher
  • Brandon Saunders
  • Brenda Williams
  • Jessica Tapia

  • Publication date: August 2021