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The Sorenson Impact Center, GFOA, and Urban3 Announce Six U.S. Local Government Selected for the Inaugural Putting Assets to Work Incubator

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The Sorenson Impact Center, GFOA, through its Rethinking Revenue initiative, and Urban3, announced six jurisdictions have been selected for the inaugural Putting Assets to Work (PAW) Incubator.

Through PAW, local governments identify underutilized assets like dormant parking lots and draw on public and private expertise to make them revenue-generating while government retains ownership. Proceeds come back to the community in the form of benefits like new bus routes connecting neighborhoods to jobs. Selected candidates will now embark on a 10-month-long fact-finding mission to identify, map, and plan uses for underutilized assets in their respective jurisdictions that could be suitable for private investment, with social and environmental benefits to the communities.

  • Publication date: June 2022