Debt Management

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ESG Considerations for Governmental Issuers6/4/2020Research Report
Market Volatility: The New, New NormalMembers only6/1/2020GFR Article
DEBT 101: Issuing Bonds and Your Continuing Obligations4/3/2020Research Report
Elevate Denver Bond Campaign Maximizes Public InputMembers only2/1/2019GFR Article
2019 Bond ModernizationMembers only2/1/2019GFR Article
GFOA's Capital Finance and Debt Administration SetFor purchase1/1/2019Publication
A Deeper Understanding of Debt ManagementMembers only10/1/2018GFR Article
Opposition to Giving SEC Authority Over the Content, Timing and Frequency of State and Local Government Financial Statements and Disclosure Documents10/1/2012Policy Position
Regulation of Municipal Securities Finance Professionals6/30/2009Policy Position
Federal Assistance to the Municipal Bond Market6/30/2009Policy Position
Uniform Credit Rating Scales6/30/2009Policy Position
Federal Home Loan Banks as Providers of Tax-Exempt Letters of Credit 6/17/2008Policy Position
Patenting of Public Finance Tax Strategies and Techniques6/17/2008Policy Position
Non-Governmental Bonds6/12/2007Policy Position
Federal Tax Policy and Preserving the Tax-Exempt Status of Municipal Bonds 6/28/2005Policy Position
An Elected Official's Guide: Debt IssuanceFor purchase1/1/2005Publication
Preserving the Tax-Exempt Status of Municipal Bonds5/20/2003Policy Position
Disclosure and Federal Regulation of the Market for Municipal Securities (2003)5/20/2003Policy Position
Communicating with Beneficial Owners of Defaulted Municipal Securities (1997)6/3/1997Policy Position
Need for Guidance on Federal Securities Law Matters5/21/1996Policy Position