Register Your Government in the AMS

In order to use the AMS for the first time, a government must register to create an AMS account. This only needs to be done once. Once an AMS account has been created, the government will not need to and will not be able to register again.

Registering and Logging in for the first time

1. Select this link to sign into GFOA’s e-store. If you are not sure of your username and password, please contact membership for assistance. Please note: When signing into GFOA’s e-store, you will need to use your personal GFOA username and password.

2. Once logged in, you should be presented with contact information for the government. Please ensure that all the information is accurate. In particular, make sure the name of the government displayed is the name as you would like it to be displayed on the Certificate should the government receive the Certificate, and make sure your email address is correct. If anything needs to be changed, please contact membership before continuing.

3. If the information is accurate, click “Submit”.

4. You will receive an email from with a link to your AMS account. The email will also include the government’s username (which is its member number) and a temporary password. The government’s member number will be the government’s username for all interactions with the AMS moving forward. Click on the link.

5. Enter the AMS username and password provided in the email.

6. Click “Sign in”.

7. You should arrive at the following screen. You will need to reset your password. (Do not be thrown off by the message, “Your password has expired.” You should still be able to reset it.)

8. Create a new password and enter it. It must be at least 12 characters long.

9. Re-enter the new password to confirm it.

10. Ignore the message about the MFA code. (Leave that box unchecked.)

11. Click “Reset Password”.

12. You should be automatically directed to your government’s AMS account. The AMS has been designed by Laserfiche, and the word “Laserfiche” will appear on the banner of this page.

Quick Facts

  • Please use a browser other than Internet Explorer when working in the AMS.
  • Three things are needed to login to the government’s AMS account:
    • the link that takes you to the account,
    • the government’s username,
    • and the password.
  • The username and password to login to the AMS account are different than the username and password used to login to GFOA’s site. The username will always be the government’s GFOA member number. The password will be the password you have created.
  • The person who registers the AMS account becomes the contact person for the account. Many notifications sent from the AMS will be emailed to the contact person. The contact person can be updated at any time. (See FAQs for instructions on how to update the contact person.)
  • All notifications sent directly from the AMS will be emailed from Please ask your IT department to add this email address to your allow list to ensure you receive important emails about your account and your COA submission.