GFOA Scholarship Spotlight: Justin Casanova-Davis

Justin received the Goldberg-Miller Public Finance Scholarship in 2021.

Photo of Justin Casanova-Davis

Justin Casanova-Davis has been the Assistant Town Administrator for the Town of Brookline since October 2018. Previously, Justin was a Principal Budget Analyst for the City of Cambridge Budget Department in Cambridge, MA. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Boston College and a Suffolk Graduate Certificate in Local Government, Leadership, and Management. Justin is seeking a Master of Public Administration at Suffolk University and will graduate in Winter 2021. Justin’s future career goals are to become a Town or City Manager and earn his designation as an ICMA Credentialed Manager. As well as serve as a mentor for others interested in a career in public service.

Q & A with Justin

Where and what are you currently studying? Why did you choose this?

I am currently studying at Suffolk University, pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree, with a State and Local Government concentration. I chose this program because I am passionate about public service. Suffolk has a tremendous program, and I want to continue developing and acquiring additional skills that will help me be a better leader and public servant during my career.

What Government are you working or hoping to work at in the future?

I have had the privilege of working for wonderful municipalities during my career. I currently serve as the Assistant Town Administrator for the Town of Brookline.

What are your future career goals?

My future career goals are to become a City or Town Manager. I'm passionate about the work that I do, and I have been preparing for this next step in my career. I ultimately want to become an ICMA Credentialed Manager, which in my estimation, exemplifies a high standard of integrity and capability as a manager. Most importantly, I want to serve as a mentor, encouraging people to pursue a municipal government career. I'm passionate about this mission, particularly working on efforts to increase diversity within our profession.

Which GFOA scholarship did you receive this year, and how will GFOA's scholarship help you achieve those goals?

As the 2021 Goldberg-Miller Public Finance Scholarship recipient, I am profoundly grateful and honored by the investment in my professional development by the Girard Miller Foundation and the GFOA. This scholarship will allow me to complete my Master's in Public Administration this fall and help me achieve my career goals in this profession. Part of any academic program has a financial burden. This scholarship will help me further my education and allow me to continue to grow and enhance my skills to be an even better public servant.