GFOA Scholarship Spotlight: Andre Morrison, Jr.

Andre received the Jeffrey L. Esser Career Development Scholarship in 2021.

Photo of Andre Morrison Jr.

Andre Morrison, Jr. has worked with the City of Warrensville Heights, Ohio, since 2015. He is currently seeking a BS degree in Public Administration from Southern New Hampshire University and plans to graduate in 2021.

Q & A with Andre

Where and what are you currently studying and why did you choose this?

I currently attend Southern New Hampshire, where I am studying Public Administration.  There are many reasons why I chose Public Administration, yet the biggest one was the ability to make a difference in my community. As a public administrator, the decisions I make help transform my town (or perhaps, even country) into a better and more pleasant place to live.

What government are you working or hoping to work at in the future?

Currently, I work for the City of Warrensville Heights, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. 

What are your future career goals?

My goal is to one day become a public administrator in finance at the local, state, or federal government level.

Which GFOA scholarship did you receive and how will GFOA’s scholarship help you achieve those goals?

I received the Jeffrey L. Esser Career Development Scholarship. My goal is to pay off student loans that I have incurred with the scholarship while working towards my BS at Southern New Hampshire University. It will also help pay for my further education as I pursue a Master of Public Administration degree.