Alliance for Smarter School Spending

The Alliance for Smarter School Spending is a diverse group of school districts working on implementing GFOA's Smarter School Spending Framework by connecting with a diverse group of leading school districts, from both the finance and academic departments, across the United States. Member districts range in size from several hundred students to several hundred thousand students, representing a broad range of student performance and other key demographics as well.

Participants in the Alliance for Smarter School Spending will enjoy benefits such as access to resource materials as well as hands-on training to help them throughout the implementation process. More importantly, Alliance members will be able to network with their peer organizations to share their experiences and knowledge.

Requirements for membership in the Alliance include:

  • Participation in the annual Alliance conference by district leaders from both the finance and academic departments.
  • Willingness to adopt the Smarter School Spending Framework
  • Openness to sharing your experiences with future Alliance members.

Staff Contacts:

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