Award for Best Practices in School Budgeting

GFOA is a leader in developing, communicating, and encouraging best practice implementation in budgeting and financial planning. GFOA’'s most recent project is to enhance the existing Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for school districts and community colleges. Through this project and with the help of some of the best minds in the field, GFOA developed the Best Practices in School Budgeting for resource alignment to student outcomes, as well as criteria by which districts and colleges can demonstrate budget process excellence. 

GFOA continues to observe the outputs in practice through a number of pilot projects in order to test the best practices and award criteria, including supporting an early adopter group - the Alliance for Excellence in School Budgeting - for school districts. 

As part of this project, GFOA has developed award criteria that will allow school districts to demonstrate process excellence and receive the recognition they deserve. Submission to the new award program will be available for budgets with fiscal years beginning in calendar year 2017.

Information for participants and potential participants:

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Best Practices in School Budgeting: